The burdens in life.

Tonight I had the feeling to write about a woman who has been a big part of my life for the past five to six years, this woman whom i’ve seen go from a strong independent person to someone who needs a caretaker 24/7.

My grandmother was born November 1st 1932 here in Lake Point, a small town just north of Tooele city. She hasn’t really told me much about her childhood however she has told me she use to work out at the Tooele Army Depot where she would paint the tips of bombs with different colors depending on the type of explosive they were, She told me “All of us were scared at first because we thought they would explode on us.” I remembered she also said that when she got her first paycheck she went out and bought her mother and father a new refrigerator along with a new jacket for herself. It’s crazy to hear her tell stories of her past with such clarity, since she can hardly remember words she’s trying to say to us now, this is because my grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease a disease in which destroys memory and other important mental functions, there is no cure for this disease and unfortunately it is very common in older people above the age of sixty.

My family and I have been helping take care of my grandma for the past five or six years since she has gotten diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, at first I honestly thought is was such a pain to help her since I was still in high school when she first got sick, however looking back on it I wouldn’t change a thing, I have learned so much about my grandma in the past six years then I have ever thought I would, I know that because I am helping she is grateful even if she sometimes struggles to show it.

I can not tell you how blessed I am to be able to help my grandmother, yes I know I have put my life on pause to help her however I feel it is the most important choice I have made. I challenge anyone reading this to take the time to show kindness and love to anyone you come across in life who might need someone to bring happiness back into their life, I always say a smile goes along way but a friend will last a lifetime! thank you for reading ot means a lot to me.



Facebook Drama.

The internet is a great and amazing tool that we have in the world today, allowing us to be more connected with the world. When it comes to having internet the one thing most individuals have a social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, now these aren’t bad things to have most of these apps allow you to stay connected with old friends from high school or with family who may live in a different state or country, this is what social media was created for.

I can not tell you how many times I have scrolled down on my Facebook feed and seen someone complaining about some issue they have going on in their life, such as: “OMG I can’t believe he did this to me!” or “UGH! people just don’t understand the issues I have going on in life.” There comes a point after seeing daily posts like these that you start to wonder how hard could life honestly be for these people. See when I was growing up we were taught that if we have a problem with someone we should talk to the person(s) who we had the problem with or if we had an issue in life we should make the choice to fix the issue rather than constantly post about it on social media.

I first got my Facebook account back in 2009 after I begged my father to set my account up because at the age of twelve if you had a Facebook account you were instantly one of the cool kids in class. Now that I’m twenty and have had a chance to mature a little bit I can honestly say I hardly use my Facebook anymore I usually only get on to see what everyone is up to maybe i’ll post a picture here and there or a status once in awhile and that’s it. When I get on and always see these people who only post about the crap that’s going on in their life I usually just laugh because for one they don’t seem to want to fix the issues or try and get help and two I honestly don’t want to take the time to try and help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves not only does it waste my time but it also wastes the time I could have used to actually help someone who really needed the help.

I would just like to explain to everyone reading this i’m not trying to be rude or judgmental about anyone who does this I am just simply writing to show that Facebook or any social media in fact isn’t the most appropriate place to post about all the problems that you have going on in your life, maybe instead of posting to social media you can talk to a family member or a friend about the issue because i’m sure I speak for everyone when it comes to enjoying social media that we honestly don’t want to see these types of posts or at least not everyday thank you.

Also I would just like to say thanks to all whom will read this I know that this might not be a real big deal to some of you however I just wanted to give my input on the whole ordeal because I have friends on Facebook who do this everyday. Thanks again for taking the time to read this it means a lot to me.

Music and Religion?

As I have stated in my previous post I am a big fan of music, especially rock and heavy metal with a little bit of dubstep in the mix. To me music is much like writing as it tells a story or expresses opinions in a way that is unique and enjoyable for most people. For myself I grew up mainly listening to country music with some 80’s mixed in like Journey or a little AC/DC but never anything to heavy until I found the radio station X96 which at the time was a station for alternative bands such as Green day, Nirvana, and Linkin park.

At this point in time when I found this type of music I believe I was in 6th or 7th grade and was struggling with self esteem issues and bullying due to my weight. When I listened to this type of music it really shocked me at how much I was relating to what these bands were singing about. Looking back on this time in my life I can honestly say that I am very happy I ended up listening to that music when I did because it helped me know that life was going to get better and it sure did.

By the title of this you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with religion? well for your information I am a member of the LDS church, I have been pretty much all my life. Now I don’t want you to think that I am the type of person to shove my religion in your face, I am not like that, I like to hear everyone’s opinions and feelings on issues that come our way, however when it comes to music and being apart of the LDS church its kind of a grey line with me because of the type of music I listen to. In our church they teach you to stay away from anything causing you to have unclean thoughts such as movies, music, and sexual images, well for the most part I stay away from two of these things as my music is seen as an issue when it comes to our religion. I like to think that people call my music “devil music” because a lot of people hear it and immediately assume that the band is singing about devil worship or violence. Honestly when someone (mainly my mother or father) tells me that my music is just screaming or that it’s the devil’s music I just laugh because if you take the time to do some research on the song by looking up the lyrics it shows that the band is singing about worldly issues such as bullying or self appreciation, for instance the song “Beneath the skin” by Memphis May Fire. The song is about bullying and the effects of what words can do to a person, which is something that is threatening our school systems. One of the best lines from the song in my opinion would be “Is our generation to blind to see true beauty lies beneath the skin?……… so ignorant”

I know that my music type isn’t for everyone and i understand and respect these opinions, However please don’t judge me based on my music choice, I choose to listen to heavier music because I like the meaning behind it. When I do come across bands that sing about devil worship I skip them because I do not want to hear that.

The reason behind this is to show that music such as mine isn’t as bad as it seems a lot of the music I listen to has a meaning or message they’re trying to get across to everyone who listens and most of their messages is to bring problems that don’t get spoken a lot about to light and show that even if you’re going through a hard time that you are not alone.




Hello everyone! I want to thank you for coming to my blog, I don’t really know how to do this but I’ll figure it out! My plan for this blog is to hopefully help someone in the world who may be struggling with something, hence the name I chose for my blog. I am hoping to write at least once or twice a week but honestly it may be more it may be less depending on if I feel my work is worthy to share, I like to make sure my writing has feeling to it not just some random topic. I like to write mostly about things that are going on in the world and try to give my input on the matter however I like to keep it open so that we can have a discussion about it because I feel that discussing things as a community is a great way to interact and maybe reach some new faces! I would like to share with you some things about myself so that you can know me a little better. my name is Cody Tarpley, I am twenty years old born February 14, 1997, I love to listen to music especially of the metal genera however when I write I usually listen to classical piano music to get my mind wondering on ideas. Two of my favorite hobbies are: writing and taking photos of sunsets which I will be posting on here as well, I feel like my photos are a lot like my writing as in they can really show emotion and bring happiness to someone who needs to be lifted up. I am the type of guy who will always try and help others with their issues before I worry about my own. I love my family they have supported me through all my crazy ideas and they’ve inspired me to keep working on my writing especially my mother who has always hassled me to start a blog so I guess in a way I’m also doing this for her. I really can’t wait to start this journey I hope that you will join me on the road so we can make the world a little better then it is.