Hello everyone! I want to thank you for coming to my blog, I don’t really know how to do this but I’ll figure it out! My plan for this blog is to hopefully help someone in the world who may be struggling with something, hence the name I chose for my blog. I am hoping to write at least once or twice a week but honestly it may be more it may be less depending on if I feel my work is worthy to share, I like to make sure my writing has feeling to it not just some random topic. I like to write mostly about things that are going on in the world and try to give my input on the matter however I like to keep it open so that we can have a discussion about it because I feel that discussing things as a community is a great way to interact and maybe reach some new faces! I would like to share with you some things about myself so that you can know me a little better. my name is Cody Tarpley, I am twenty years old born February 14, 1997, I love to listen to music especially of the metal genera however when I write I usually listen to classical piano music to get my mind wondering on ideas. Two of my favorite hobbies are: writing and taking photos of sunsets which I will be posting on here as well, I feel like my photos are a lot like my writing as in they can really show emotion and bring happiness to someone who needs to be lifted up. I am the type of guy who will always try and help others with their issues before I worry about my own. I love my family they have supported me through all my crazy ideas and they’ve inspired me to keep working on my writing especially my mother who has always hassled me to start a blog so I guess in a way I’m also doing this for her. I really can’t wait to start this journey I hope that you will join me on the road so we can make the world a little better then it is.


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