The burdens in life.

Tonight I had the feeling to write about a woman who has been a big part of my life for the past five to six years, this woman whom i’ve seen go from a strong independent person to someone who needs a caretaker 24/7.

My grandmother was born November 1st 1932 here in Lake Point, a small town just north of Tooele city. She hasn’t really told me much about her childhood however she has told me she use to work out at the Tooele Army Depot where she would paint the tips of bombs with different colors depending on the type of explosive they were, She told me “All of us were scared at first because we thought they would explode on us.” I remembered she also said that when she got her first paycheck she went out and bought her mother and father a new refrigerator along with a new jacket for herself. It’s crazy to hear her tell stories of her past with such clarity, since she can hardly remember words she’s trying to say to us now, this is because my grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease a disease in which destroys memory and other important mental functions, there is no cure for this disease and unfortunately it is very common in older people above the age of sixty.

My family and I have been helping take care of my grandma for the past five or six years since she has gotten diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, at first I honestly thought is was such a pain to help her since I was still in high school when she first got sick, however looking back on it I wouldn’t change a thing, I have learned so much about my grandma in the past six years then I have ever thought I would, I know that because I am helping she is grateful even if she sometimes struggles to show it.

I can not tell you how blessed I am to be able to help my grandmother, yes I know I have put my life on pause to help her however I feel it is the most important choice I have made. I challenge anyone reading this to take the time to show kindness and love to anyone you come across in life who might need someone to bring happiness back into their life, I always say a smile goes along way but a friend will last a lifetime! thank you for reading ot means a lot to me.



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